My View of the Sunrise and Sunset

     There is nothing more relaxing than feeling the wind as it paints your face into the surrounding landscape: The soft, silky sand rooting your feet into the earth, as the sound of crashing waters on the shore echo through your body to reach the essence of your soul. The mesmerizing horizon of colors blending the night and day skies to embrace a sunrise or sunset.  This is how exhilarating it is to be so close to any beach I have found here in the states. To go out every morning or evening and have this experience is truly priceless.

      Now I have been an old hippie since the day I was born. There is just a peace In nature that one cannot reproduce in the human element. Speaking of elements; I mentioned the wind ,the earth,and water that you can find on the beach. But, where is the fourth element of fire you ask?

     It is my opinion that I am the fire, and you are the flames; It is my passion for life and for those who surround me. I make an effort daily to ignite the flame in those I meet along my path. I am accompanied on my travels by my significant other – Glen, who is an operations manager for volleyball events, or my dearest friend of over 25 years and a truelife Romanian Gypsy and photographer- Michele, who gave me a fire staff about 3 years ago, but that’s another topic to blog about. 

There is a sense of self whenever you embrace a sunrise or sunset, and setting aside the time to do so is seldom done. I feel it is important to start the day with the clean slate that the sunrise implements and to end the day with the shedding of the days negativity a sunset dellivers So, I will be sharing these moments with my followers and sharing the grace these moments provide. There is nothing wrong with taking a 5 minute vacation daily.

Published by Pam Brant

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