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Neighborhood Hotel and Art Gallery WEST LOOP

Chicago Archetecture and Hotel bring tourist a taste of Community Art and Culture and Healing

I was recently visiting a friend in Chicago for a birthday party and needed a place to rest up and refresh for the evening activities, so I quickly scanned for the cheapest and closest location. I found the Chicago Hotel only a mile away and for only $97 with taxes. WHAT A FIND!! As an art lover and advocate for artists, I was amazed that the universe directed me to a place that inhabited everything I was needing with the unexpected bonus of a community art gallery, at no extra charge!!!

The annex is clean and elegant with an array of displayed art and an explanation of the supported foundation: The Shirley Ryan Artlab, an art therapy program facilitating art as a rehabilitation program for those who suffer strokes, spinal injuries, brain injuries and debilitating diseases such as MS. The hallways act as a 4 story gallery, displaying photos, and paintings along with placards that identify the artist, their story, and usually a quote from the artist regarding the purposeful passion behind their captivating works.

Helmut Horn: Polaroid Impressionism

But it doesn’t end there! They have full size wall murals in the rooms painted by various local street artists.

This place was more than a hidden gem, it was an exuberance of community spirit filled with passion, hope, and concern for others.

As for the rooms, the renovations we’re well-noted:from a full size refrigerator, microwave, a Keurig, big screen TV, iron, ironing board, hairdryer, and a nice size personal room safe. They even have rooms with bunk bed style double beds: twin on top and full size on bottom.

I was a little disappointed by no continental breakfast but once I found out that 10% of their minimal room fees are donated to this fantastic art therapy program, I was grateful for the flavored creamer in the lobby with fresh coffee and water as well as vending machines in the stairwells.

I am so excited to go back and take more time to view all the art and read about all the artists, some of the paintings are even for sale, but the passion from the artists and for the artists that this Hotel displays is priceless!!!

Have you been here recently? Do you know of any other great finds like this in the City? Please share your stories of finding hidden art.

Check out their site and enjoy the passion of the neighborhood!!

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