First Published Story

Whoo hoo! Only 2 months and the first story I submitted, was published today. Front page, Top Byline, Business section of a local paper, The News Dispatch. I am very honored that they took the time to not only read my submission, but see the value in appreciation of local family owned businesses!

Published by Pam Brant

I am a beach volleyball travel writer who promotes players and local family businesses to increase involvement in the sport in a fun exciting way. Travel with Sand/Beach Volleyball, be treated like a Rockstar Athlete, an improve community health. I invite you all to like, follow and share my blogs as I visit new and exciting places: Meet some amazing people along the way, and even join in the fun!!! This is for all levels and players from 21- 65, recreational to professional. Your Feedback is important to me, as I share my information not only with my traveling athletes, but also with any beach volleyball organization. Let's enjoy the game, share community activities, and promote healthy activity by traveling our beautiful parks and beaches.