Singing From the Heart with Kristen Kuiper

Kristin Kuiper is a GR Original, and has been professionally singing for 10 years. She started publicly singing at the young uninhibited age of 3, and has never stopped.

A Star in the Making

Convincing her brothers to play in her living room band, they would humor her and provide the back up stage for her in house performances, never knowing that this would be her destiny in today’s trying times would come back to the internal share of her soul from her home studio. Church was her main stage as a youth, graduating from College in 2008 in Health Information Technology, and decided to follow her own path in 2010: moving to Nashville where she continued writing and performing everywhere and anywhere she could. She started touring out of monetary necessity, as there were more opportunities to play and more importantly getting paid outside of Nashville.

This increased her fan base as she traveled from Key West to New York, Texas to the Carolina’s, she began to tour and played anywhere who would let her play for eight years. 2018 she moved back home to gather her strength and foundation, and has been non stop ever since. This girl has a voice that comes from deep within her soul and reaches to your very heart. As a woman who plays acoustic guitar, sings and writes her own music, she is unmistakably an accomplished artist. She promised herself she would not do something unless her heart and soul were part of it, and it shows.

Song Writing Talents Collide

John Slaughter was her first singer to buy one of her originals for an album, and has grown to Ashley McBryde who also recorded one of her songs. Ashley needed a song for her class reunion and they collaborated on Fat and Famous, which was co-written with Terri Jo Box, Ashley, and our very own Kristen. She loves being home again and feeling the sensation of being grounded and centered in her journey of endless travels. She says “Performing is like a two way mirror, everyone sees you and remembers you, but you don’t really see them. I just love to hear the stories of how my music has made a difference to someone, or the effects it has had sometime in their life.”

Since the COVID-19 Apocalypse has everyone isolating in their homes, she has found her voice and calling to share her inspirations on the internet. Music is the universal language that unites those who hear the heart spoken messages, and you don’t have to play the album backwards to hear hers. She has been showcased on Skype, YouTube Videos, Private shows in Zoom and for Businesses on Facebook Live. She will be performing tonight live for Shady Creek Winery here in Michigan City, and uniting us with Grand Rapids on a whole new level. Please feel free to join in the virtual Facebook show at 6pm Central Time, (that’s 7 pm GR Time).

Please show support and love to those who put a smile and a song in our hearts and share the love !!!

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