Normally, I do not write about Jr Volleyball players, but if you meet this girl you would know why. Filled with the smile of endless possibilities and dreams, inspired by her soulful desire to be the best she can at anything she does, her competitiveness that fuels her to be better than she was yesterday, and a positive attitude of living for the moment: I found it hard not to start off my Pheonix page with anyone else.

Fresh from a tournament on Saturday, Tatum hits the courts with a passion for progression, as dad helps by raking the courts in preparation of the ensuing practice.

She is an ambitious 13 year old who started playing beach volleyball about a year and a half ago, but thinks it’s the greatest thing next to the Acai Banana Berry Bowl from Nekter Juice Bar, which I had to try and it was off the net for sure !

  She is quite the well rounded athlete. With a beginning in gymnastics, and moved into dance in which she infiltrated competition with her genuine passion; she was a success, and as most children do ..on to the next adventure: Softball. She enjoyed the team atmosphere but found it wasn’t her direction, and decided to follow a different path into beach volleyball.  She discovered a fierce passion for the game. It provides everything you need, she says, teamwork, participation, athletic skill, AND it’s a whole lot of fun!! Her dream is to become an olympic player, and then go professional.her approach is more than precision and practice, it is full speed ahead.

Diving into it with both feet, she signed up for RPM Sand in Scottsdale AZ, and Boom! She not only found a sport, but an organization that ignited her heart and soul, and serves her zeal to become a leading professional player. According to Mechelle Voepel of, in February of 2021, The U.S. Athletes Unlimited will be launching an Indoor Women’s Professional League, and I am sure that after the Olympics next year, if the multitude of organizations across the states could come together, it would provide a massive opportunity for pros to play. This definitely looks like a promising direction for her future.

She is one dedicated teen: practicing 4 days a week with RPM( her beach volleyball club), 3 days a week of strength training at EXOS, and private lessons 3-4 days a week. (Not to mention school work and chores) With this kind of focus, she has herself set up for success.

            In her down time, as if she has any, she loves to watch any kind of movies: old movies, new movies, any kind of movie, but her favorite are movies based on real life stories. Something about learning from others life’s experiences, helps to appreciate what she has, expand her reach and drives her ambition. It totally bumps up her focus and awareness of everything life has to offer her.

          Academically, she has the same strive to reach her personal best. Holding a GPA 3.8, and of course her favorite subject is history. This high flyer is killin’ it on every level!

This girl is the epidemy of dedication, focus and direction and will be a force to watch out for in the future. She has goals not dream of becoming a Division 1 player, and ultimately of one the pushing forces in Women’s Professional Beach Volleyball.

I truly enjoyed meeting with her and having the opportunity to see her play, as well as practice. Her passion for the fun of the game is pure joy to the soul, so watch for this girl !!! Follow her on her journey on Instagram at:

Published by Pam Brant

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