Blue Nugget is True Gold

Before you even walk into this shop, there is a scent of an incredible historic tribal essence that calls to your soul, invites you in, and directs you around until you find something that connects with you.  Owner Shera is faithfully here daily and works with meraki and I loved seeing how excited  she gets when explaining the processes of how these items are made: the jewelry, the pottery, metal art, stones. There are just so many things here to choose from!  I had to come back a second time just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. 

Shera Hardy, and daughter Nicky run this magnificent shop with supporting encouragement of her husband Craig. This couple met while she was working and going to school and have been a team ever since. 

Craig’s parents were the turquoise King and Queen of the area, and according to Shera, “If you got any turquoise jewelry during the early 70’s, more than likely, it was mined by them.” With his family history of mining and her dream of having this Native American Jewelry and Decor Establishment, It only made sense that this powerhouse team formed – The Blue Nugget located at the Mammoth Mines in October of 1990, they expanded their space in 1992, and gathering goods from the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo Tribes. 

85% made from Native American, and about 10% are local craftsman stringing the turquoise, bone beads, and other specialized items.  I am so privileged to have met this family business and been surrounded by the spirits of this Blue Nugget Shop.

The Navojo provide the traditional chunky, excentric  pieces and are handcrafted. She has ßome of their most difficult work of bench beads or Navajo Pearls, and the fine details added to these are simply amazing!!  ( Image of beads) 

The Zuni are more ornate and petit point, inlay, and needlepoint craftsman with every piece from the stones,the beads to the settings are all hand-made. 

( Image of beads )

The Hopi is more of a layered etching of silver and with only 45 to 50 silversmiths creating by hand their artistic jewelry designs, the spirit of their genuine passion comes out. Because of the dedication to detail and rarity of the jewelry it may be expensive, but you can truly feel the ambiance of handed down artistry.  (Image of bracelet)

Santo Domingo is her favorite because they use the shells and stones and are made more colorful and can be considered more contemporary.  

This entrepreneurial family has more than one business mastermind. Craig’s passion is the spicy side of life, and he runs the Gidyup Gourmet Shop at the mine which specializes in hot sauces, salsas,  cactus jellies, rubs and more, that tingle your tongue and set your pheonix on fire.

It is wonderful to find someone who has taken the time to connect with the tribes Silversmith’s, learn about their processes, understand the craftsmanship, truly appreciate the value of their work, and share their beauty with the world, how inspiring she is!!

Due to covid 19, she now has items available online; she is learning new ways to adapt and continue sharing this passion. 

This place may be located in a gold mining experience town, but this place is definitely the treasure!

Published by Pam Brant

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