Blue Nugget is True Gold

Before you even walk into this shop, there is a scent of an incredible historic tribal essence that calls to your soul, invites you in, and directs you around until you find something that connects with you.  Owner Shera is faithfully here daily and works with meraki and I loved seeing how excited  she getsContinue reading “Blue Nugget is True Gold”


 Normally, I do not write about Jr Volleyball players, but if you meet this girl you would know why. Filled with the smile of endless possibilities and dreams, inspired by her soulful desire to be the best she can at anything she does, her competitiveness that fuels her to be better than she was yesterday,Continue reading “IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR”

Phoenix Area

THE FIRE WITHIN The Arizona sun colors more than your skin, as your body absorbs the heat it reaches into your spirit and ignites the fire of your soul. These pictures are just eye candy compared to the warm welcome from the friendly faces you meet everywhere you go here and the overall experience ofContinue reading “Phoenix Area”

Singing From the Heart with Kristen Kuiper

Kristin Kuiper is a GR Original, and has been professionally singing for 10 years. She started publicly singing at the young uninhibited age of 3, and has never stopped. Convincing her brothers to play in her living room band, they would humor her and provide the back up stage for her in house performances, neverContinue reading “Singing From the Heart with Kristen Kuiper”

Enchanted Limousine and Transport

Driving by Enchanted Forest two lovers giggled about the word enchanted; the unknown magic this meaningful word represented; not knowing the impact it would make on them one day in their future. When Brett Ritchie decided to start a limousine business, he consulted with his wife, Tara, for the perfect name. Still in love withContinue reading “Enchanted Limousine and Transport”