Oh, The Places I Go

These are just a few of the reviews of places I got to visit on my most recent trip to Bradenton Beach FL. Bringing the joy to spectators, athletes, and local businesses is the best life ever.

The Canyons Zip Line and Adventure Park, Ocala FL

Just off the expressway and pass the little rural area there is a red Barn off in the distance the promises fun, excitement, and adventure beyond anything you could imagine. We were welcomed by the friendliest staff. They were eager and participated in our excitement of adventure. Since my back injury 20+ years ago, I’m not able to continue skydiving and zip lining is a close adrenaline rush. This place was fabulous!! From the informative and entertainingly fun training for the newbies that were traveling with me, to the informative commentary of the landscape as we traveled the canopy tour, it was a true adventure. the weather was perfect and the scenery breathtaking. From forests to cliffs, and hieghts to make your heart pound, the gradual increase of thrill with the next zip line fed the anticipation. They offer a go pro accompanied SD card filled with the pictures of the group’s escapades and videos that include the comic banter among participants and guides as well. There is also a cute gift shop filled with everything from magnets to sweatshirts to build you keepsake hope chest filled with proof of your quests. I can’t wait to go back and only wish I lived close enough to visit regularly!!!!

Fazoli’s Prattville, AL

When traveling fast foods gets very mundane and when seeking out something a little different, this was a great find!! The parking lot to the bathroom is spotless and would meet with mom’s approval of clean.the friendly staff directed us thru the menu board and we chose the baked combo. A sample of lasagna, fettuccini  alfredo ,and spaghetti with meatballs smothered in baked cheesy goodness. Our choice of salad or a slice of pizza with a drink was part of this meal ensemble. The salad was crisp cold and very fresh served in a bowl that made you feel like you had just prepared it yourself at home. As soon as we were about finished with our salad, the most friendly smile greeted us with our piping hot encore with fresh bread sticks: so soft they melt in your mouth. It was as if I visited an Olive garden without the expense or crowded wait. A wonderful little find. Even though it is a franchised chain, the warm feeling of family and care could be tasted with every bite.

Silver Surf Resort, Brandenton FL

This little hidden gem brings back the nostalgia of the 80’s getaway. When it was purchased in 1986 it was renovated and added two more buildings to accommodate guests with breathtaking views and the privacy to enjoy all the amenities it has to offer. Walking up to the third floor was worth the sunset views. Keys given with identifying seahorse building medallions were an enjoyable touch. The little things that are overlooked by corporate owners were definitely not missed by this family-owned and run home away from home. Being greeted by the most helpful staff at the front counter, Megan provided transportation options like the free trolley service until 10 pm and the Monkey Bus that operates solely on tips and will pick you up anywhere and take you anywhere on the island.  She also gave suggestions of local establishments that enhanced our experience of Anna Marie Island. They also provide a very reasonable and great personal massaging service that will come to your room or provide their services in a tiki hut on their private beach. This is truly a one of a kind great find!!

Manatee Beach Bradenton FL

Even the parking lot has captivating scenery that invites the soul to relaxation and pure enjoyment. With a cafe and gift shop to feed the body and the memories, this place is a true treasure. Saturday brought the EVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament, bringing entertainment and excitement for all ages to watch. Even a few older locals 50 joined in the fun of participation in exhibition matches against the Women’s Pro Players. At then end of the day, a peace that touches the spirit inside is priceless and experienced in every color the sunset sky provides.

Wicked Cantina Bradenton FL

The outside seating is warmed with heaters removing any concern of night air chills. The margaritas and food portions were pleasing as well as the wonderful live music and entertainment of Noel. As he accepted requests and put his personal touches to the tunes, his talent never ran short. He loves what he does and loves to bring the crowd into his worldly style of sounds. Great place and a must visit!!

Gulf Drive Cafe Brandenton FL

A place recommended by our host at Silver Surf, was no disappointment. Their signature margarita packed a powerful punch and the views from outside were intoxicating as well. The staff’s friendly and attentive eagerness to please guests just gives your mind the break from reality as the  live music entertains dreams and memories of joy.

My View of the Sunrise and Sunset

     There is nothing more relaxing than feeling the wind as it paints your face into the surrounding landscape: The soft, silky sand rooting your feet into the earth, as the sound of crashing waters on the shore echo through your body to reach the essence of your soul. The mesmerizing horizon of colors blending the night and day skies to embrace a sunrise or sunset.  This is how exhilarating it is to be so close to any beach I have found here in the states. To go out every morning or evening and have this experience is truly priceless.

      Now I have been an old hippie since the day I was born. There is just a peace In nature that one cannot reproduce in the human element. Speaking of elements; I mentioned the wind ,the earth,and water that you can find on the beach. But, where is the fourth element of fire you ask?

     It is my opinion that I am the fire, and you are the flames; It is my passion for life and for those who surround me. I make an effort daily to ignite the flame in those I meet along my path. I am accompanied on my travels by my significant other – Glen, who is an operations manager for volleyball events, or my dearest friend of over 25 years and a truelife Romanian Gypsy and photographer- Michele, who gave me a fire staff about 3 years ago, but that’s another topic to blog about. 

There is a sense of self whenever you embrace a sunrise or sunset, and setting aside the time to do so is seldom done. I feel it is important to start the day with the clean slate that the sunrise implements and to end the day with the shedding of the days negativity a sunset dellivers So, I will be sharing these moments with my followers and sharing the grace these moments provide. There is nothing wrong with taking a 5 minute vacation daily.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates. As inspired by the Great Eleanor Roosevelt, goals are only dreams with effort. I enjoy the experience of adventure and culture, but always felt I fell short financially: Until I just decided to write. I find that joy and pure pleasure of the soul can be anywhere you are. I will be sharing my views and opinions about places I’ve been, and bring you along on my new quests to come.

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